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kobectl controls the KOBE open benchmarking engine.


kobectl is a sh script and can be found in the bin. Essentially, kobectl is a wrapper of Kubernetes commands so kubectl must be installed and available.

You can make kobectl accessible to your path by

export PATH="$(pwd)/bin:$PATH"


Command Explanation
apply apply a resource using a .yaml configuration file
get display all resources of specific type
show show the state of a benchmark or an experiment
delete delete a resource of specific type
install install KOBE components
purge uninstall KOBE
help print a help message


  • kobectl apply [configuration_file]
  • kobectl get [resource_type]
  • kobectl show [resource_type] [resource]
  • kobectl delete [resource_type] [resource]
  • kobectl install [component] [kobe-directory]
  • kobectl purge [kobe-directory]

[resource_type] can be any of: benchmark(s), experiment(s), federatortemplate(s), datasettemplate(s).

[component] can be any of: operator, operator-v1, operator-v1beta1, istio, efk, full


For more advanced control options for KOBE, use kubectl.