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Welcome to KOBE

KOBE is a benchmarking system that leverages Docker and Kubernetes in order to reproduce experiments of federated query processing in a collections of data sources.


In the SPARQL query processing community, as well as in the wider databases community, benchmark reproducibility is based on releasing datasets and query workloads. However, this paradigm breaks down for federated query processors, as these systems do not manage the data they serve to their clients but provide a data-integration abstraction over the actual query processors that are in direct contact with the data.

The KOBE benchmarking engine is a system that aims to provide a generic platform to perform benchmarking and experimentation that can be reproducible in different environments. It was designed with the following objectives in mind:

  1. to allow for benchmark and experiment specifications to be reproduced in different environments and be able to produce comparable and reliable results;
  2. to ease the deployment of complex benchmarking experiments by automating the tedious tasks of initialization and execution.