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Perform a benchmark experiment

In the following, we show the steps for deploying an experiment on a simple benchmark that comprises three queries over a semagrow federation of two Virtuoso endpoints.

You can use the kobectl found in the bin directory for controlling your experiments:

export PATH=`pwd`/bin:$PATH
kobectl help

First, apply the templates for Virtuoso and semagrow:

kobectl apply examples/dataset-virtuoso/virtuosotemplate.yaml
kobectl apply examples/federator-semagrow/semagrowtemplate.yaml

Then, apply the benchmark.

kobectl apply examples/benchmark-toybench/toybench-simple.yaml

Before running the experiment, you should verify that the datasets are loaded. Use the following command:

kobectl show benchmark toybench-simple

When the datasets are loaded, you should get the following output:

toy1  Running
toy2  Running

Proceed now with the execution of the experiment:

kobectl apply examples/experiment-toybench/toyexp-simple.yaml

As previously, you can review the state of the experiment with the following command:

kobectl show experiment toyexp-simple
You can now view the evaluation metrics in the Kibana dashboards.

For removing all of the above, issue the following commands:

kobectl delete experiment toyexp-simple
kobectl delete benchmark toybench-simple
kobectl delete federatortemplate semagrowtemplate
kobectl delete datasettemplate virtuosotemplate
For more advanced control options for KOBE, use kubectl.